Two Dead in a Shooting Incident at Israel’s Embassy in Jordan

One man has been killed and two wounded in a shooting incident at the Israeli embassy in Amman

The incident occurred on Sunday night at the Israeli embassy in Amman, capital of Jordan. According to still incomplete reports, one Jordanian man has been killed, and an Israeli and another Jordanian wounded in a shooting incident in front of Israeli embassy.

There are still no details of the incident. It has been reported that security forces sealed off the embassy and that Israeli staff is being evacuated.

Recent reports from Reuters confirmed that a second Jordanian died from wounds sustained during a shooting incident on Sunday.

Jordanian police said that the two Jordanians, working for a furniture firm, had entered the embassy compound before the shooting. It said the dead man was killed by a gunshot and the two wounded men had been rushed to hospital.

The shooting reportedly happened at in a residential building used by the Israeli embassy, according to Jordanian police.

It is not yet known whether the incident was linked with tensions in Jerusalem, where Israeli security forces and Palestinian protesters clashed after a dispute over Israel’ decision to install security cameras and metal detectors at a sacred site.

At least ten people have been killed on both sites, and the situation remains tense.

Thousands of Jordanians protested in Amman against new Israeli security measures. Israeli authorities decided to install metal detectors and cameras at holy sites in East Jerusalem after an incident in which two Israeli policemen were killed.

So far, no official information has been released about the Amman embassy shooting incident.

Source: BBC News

Photo: AFP/Getty Images