U.S.-led Coalition Hits pro-Syrian Govt. Forces

The coalition has carried strikes in southern Syria against pro-Syrian government forces

As reported by BuzzFeed news, U.S.-led coalition spokesperson Josh Jacques said that coalition forces strike in southern Syria stuck ‘pro-Syrian’ government forces. The information was later confirmed to Sputnik by a U.S. defense official.

While information about the attack is still incomplete, coalition strikes reportedly occurred near the town of At Tanf, where the U.S. and British special forces have been training Syrian rebels fighters. At Tanf is close to Syria’s border with Iraq and Jordan.

U.S. defense official told Sputnik that the U.S.-led coalition was directed at pro-Assad fighters near the town of At Tanf – in an area where the U.S. and Russia agreed to establish deconflication zone.

“The strike did happen. It was against a pro-regime force operating in the vicinity of At Tanf. This regime force was operating within a well-established de-confliction zone,” the defense official told Sputnik.

“The commander on the ground perceived this force to be a threat to coalition forces,” the official said.

There is yet no information whether the strike has killed any soldiers or pro-government militia fighters. Syrian government forces have made significant gains in the fight against ISIS and Syrian rebels. Assad’s forces recaptured rebel-held areas on the outskirts of Damascus and continued their advance in Aleppo and Idlib province.

Syrian Arab Army’s advance towards At Tanf in the southern parts of the country, caused concerns among the rebels that the regime forces are getting ‘too close’ to U.S. special forces base at At Tanf.

The At Tanf base and the nearby Tanf Border crossing is contested between Syrian rebels, pro-regime forces and ISIS. In April, ISIS forces attempted to take the US base near At Tanf in which three US-backed Syrian rebels were killed.

Source: Sputnik International

Photo: Michael Ammons/U.S. Air Force/Getty Images