U.S. Will Pull Out of Paris Climate Deal within Days, Says Former Trump Aide

The future of Paris Climate Deal in Jeopardy?

One of President Trump’s former aides said on Monday that the U.S. would pull out of the landmark Paris Climate Deal within the coming days.

Myron Ebell, who helped the Trump’s administration Environmental Protection Agency transition stated that Trump was determined to undo Barack Obama’s climate change initiatives, reported London’s The Independent.

“I expect Donald Trump to be very assiduous in keeping his promises, despite all of the flack he is going to get from his opponents. He could do it by executive order tomorrow, or he could wait and do it as part of a larger package. There are multiple ways, and I have no idea of the timing.”

Himself a climate change skeptic, Mr. Ebell helped review EPA’s work during the Trump transition.

The landmark climate Paris agreement was signed by 194 countries including the U.S. in April 2016. The deal aims at stabilizing the concentration of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent “dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system.”

Trump had called climate change a hoax created by the Chinese. He also said previously that he would keep an open mind on the climate deal.

Last year, Mr. Trump also stated that there is “some connectivity” between humans and climate change and the question is “how much,” and that he would look “very closely” whether to remain a signatory to the Paris agreement or not.

Trump’s pick for Secretary of State and former ExxonMobil executive, Rex Tillerson said during his Senate confirmation hearing that the U.S. would be “better served to be at the table than leaving the table.”

Mr. Ebell who has been severely critical of the “alarmist agenda” of the climate change lobby said that any efforts by Rex Tillerson to stay in the pact would be unproductive. He stated that Tillerson would lose the fight for staying in the climate agreement. He reasoned that Mr. Trump was the elected President, whereas Rex Tillerson was one of his appointees, so Mr. Trump would be the odds-on favorite to win the argument and opt out of the climate policy.

Pulling out of the Paris Climate deal will be a difficult route. One of the Trump transition officials told Reuters last year that the administration could opt out of the 1992 parent treaty (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)) of the deal – which means that U.S. involvement in both the agreements will be void.

Maros Sefcovic, European Commission Vice President and a key player in the negotiation of the Paris agreement said that he hoped Trump would keep the U.S. stay in the deal.

“I wouldn’t hide that in discussion with our partners; there is a lot of anxiety over future U.S. policies. If the (U.S) administration decides to go in a different direction, I think sooner or later they will have to come back to the realization that climate change is happening.”

Any country which opts to leave the climate deal can’t get back in before four years.