UC Berkeley Cancels Coulter Appearance Over Security Concerns

Ann Coulter

UC Berkeley, a publicly funded university whose campus was, historically speaking, a zone dedicated to the free-speech movement, just banned conservative author and commentator Ann Coulter from delivering a speech citing security concerns.

After a series of riots and violent protests both around and inside UC Berkeley’s campus since Donald Trump’s inauguration, the university’s officials said earlier on Wednesday that they’ve decided to cancel (as in ban) a planned speech by Ann Coulter, claiming safety issues due to fears of more violent protests and things of that matter.

Ann Coulter was invited  to speak at UC Berkeley by the same Republican campus-group which invited Milo Yiannopoulos back in February. Milo Yiannopoulos is a former Breitbart News editor and a self proclaimed troll extraordinaire and a “dangerous faggot” (the actual title of his autobiography) and his invitation to speak at Berkeley drew national attention and forced the university officials to put the campus on lock-down after violent protests turned into riots prevented him from speaking and led to his evacuation by the police.

After UC Berkeley cancelled Milo (and other conservatives since) and failed to enforce the law on its premises thus preventing free speech from prevailing against leftist censorship, President Donald Trump went on to Twitter and warned the university that they’re in danger of losing federal funding:




Berkeley’s decision to ban both Ann Coulter and Milo from speaking in front of their students is very strange, considering that the same university had a major role in the 60s and 70s as the place were the Free Speech Movement gain national traction. Berkeley also has a long history with regards to social protest.

Ann Coulter accused Berkeley of imposing ridiculous demands thus trying to force her to cancel the speech. Even if she eventually agreed with their silly requirements, they banned her anyway. Coulter’s speech was intended to be about US immigration policies, which is also the subject of one of her bestselling books, Adios America.

However, Coulter plans to speak at Berkeley anyway.