UK Faces Day of Rage as Leftists Swarm the Streets Because Motives (and Feelings)

day of rage uk

Today is the day we fight! At least, that’s what British leftists believe (and there’s a lot of leftists in the UK). On Wednesday, despite the scorching heat wave, British snowflakes hit the streets demanding…I don’t know, justice or something along these lines RT reports.

What’s very interesting about the so called Day of Rage is that it occurs in the middle of the day on a weekday. “Get a job” is not cliche among the SJWs, right? According to various studies, the social justice warriors,also known as the hard left are mostly unemployed and living with their parents, and we’re talking about 92% of them, but let that go.

Getting back to our news story, for no apparent reason, the Day of Rage in the UK had leftists crawling the hot streets like bugs in a hot tin pan, blowing their sirens and screaming dubious slogans, while using smoke flares and trying to draw as much attention as possible to their pretty much non existent cause.

day of rage


Some of the protesters obscured their faces in good ANTIFA tradition, again, for no apparent good reason, as the marches were mostly peaceful. Unlike the “oh so tolerant” left, the rest of us chickens don’t really give a damn about other people’s rallies, no matter how stupid we believe them to be.


uk day of rage


These crazy dudes had all sorts of demands. Some of them would like all illegal migrants, including refugees to be given citizenship regardless of their ISIS affiliation, others want Theresa May to step down (that’s actually a great idea, provided they put a real Brexiter in her place), some asked for “justice” for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire (not very clear what’s up with that, but reasons don’t matter because feelings are more important). A small number of those ANTIFA dudes wearing black hats and dark clothing while failing to hydrate properly entertained the idea of dear leader Jeremy Corbyn (a hard core pro Hezbollah/pro immigration leftie) to marry Queen Elizabeth thus to become King of England.