UK Intel Agencies Missed at Least 5 Opportunities to Stop Manchester Arena Bomber

manchester arena bombing

Even if the UK is one of the most “Orwellian” countries in the world, and I am talking about its huge CCTV system which makes for a gargantuan surveillance network (every move on the streets is recorded for later analysis), it just emerged that the British security services had at least 5 (FIVE) opportunities to stop Salman Abedi before his suicide-bombing terrorist attack on Tuesday night.

The thing is, Salman Abedi was well known to British intel agencies and he was repeatedly flagged over his so-called extremist ( read Islamic) views. However, he was left alone, out of political correctness most probably, and what happened next is history.

After it emerged that Salman Abedi told to his friends that he doesn’t have a problem with suicide bombings, prompting them to call the UK anti-terrorism hotline, the country’s Counter Terrorist agencies will have to face public scrutiny for their epic failure with regard to stopping the terrorist in his tracks, despite repeated warnings about his radical views. According to sources, UK’s Counter Terrorist intelligence agencies were warned on (at least) five different occasions about Salman Abedi, five years prior to the Manchester Arena massacre.

British spy agencies also knew about the terrorist’s father links with militant (as in terrorist) Islamic groups in Libya, a group which is banned in the UK by the way. Salman Abedi himself was communicating with British based jihadists with ISIS (Islamic State) connections, yet he was given a free pass to continue with his “work”.

Now, the British security services are investigating links between an expert bomb-maker and Salman Abedi (they lived on the same street in Manchester) as they’ve raided the bomb factory in their hunt for terminating the Manchester Islamist terror-network. According to a community leader, Salman Abedi was reported 2 years ago to British authorities because they thought he was involved in terrorist activities, yet nothing happened (political correctness again) :

“People in the community expressed concerns about the way this man was behaving and reported it in the right way using the right channels.

“They did not hear anything since.”

Salman Abedi was also banned from the Didsbury Mosque after he had an argument with the local imam with regard to the latter’s anti-extremist sermon. Moreover, members of his family and some of his friends reported him to the UK’ counter terrorism hotline 5 years ago and then again in 2016. Even if Abedi was put on a watch list after being reported for extremist views while his father was a known member of  the Al Qaeda linked Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, and he visited Libya one month and a half ago (he actually traveled to Libya frequently), the UK security services failed to do their job.