UK Prime Minister May Attacks Trump in UN Speech

theresa may empty room UN

UK’s Prime Minister Theresa May delivered a speech on Wednesday to a mostly empty room, (the United Nations General Assembly), during which she chose to attack President Donald Trump in front of a handful of diplomats just minutes before a face to face meeting with the POTUS.

The speech was pretty embarrassing considering the very low attendance, as vacant seats were vastly outnumbering the diplomats in the audience. Basically, nobody cared about UK’s prime minister, and I am not exaggerating a bit.

Even France’s President Macron drew a significantly larger audience during his UN address that took place earlier this week in New York, not to mention Donald Trump who sold out the UN General Assembly so to speak, as he delivered his epic Rocket Man address on Tuesday.

Here’s Theresa May’s crowd, or the lack there of:

theresa may UN crowd

And here’s Macron’s:

emmanuel macron UN crowd

And here’s the Donald’s yuuge crowd from yesterday:

trump crowd UN

Despite the very low attendance, Theresa May did not waste a good opportunity for railing against President Trump’s foreign policy, slamming the POTUS for pulling the US out of the Paris climate change extravaganza, whilst badmouthing nations which pursue economic protectionism and erect trade barriers.

Russia’s President Putin and that crazy fat kid also known as Rocket Man were also slapped by May, as she warned that world leaders who do not respect their international agreements are eroding faith in global institutions like the UN.

Needless to say, despite posing as a conservative, Theresa May is the quintessential globalist and she criticizes the POTUS for putting his country first and his people above any other. It’s interesting that May chose to attack a staunch ally on the world stage for trying to bring some sanity and reason to our out of control policies. It’s bad enough that we have to deal with hostile foreign states, but we can’t even rely on our allies to stand with us?

The British need a strong leader like Margaret Thatcher.  Instead they elected a weakling like Theresa May, who wouldn’t have known the difference between Churchill and Chamberlain.

Photo Credit:

 Ben Glaze/Daily Mirror, Reuters