UK Tabloid Claims Having Sex With Your First Cousin Is A Good Idea

sex with first cousin

According to the British tabloid The Daily Star, having sex with your first cousin comes with major health benefits, at least potentially. The paper quotes a Pakistani so-called scientific study that reached the respective conclusion after conducting the “research” in a small fishing village where such marriages between first cousins are commonplace.

That comes as a no surprise for us, as Pakistan is a hard core islamic state, which is ruled more or less by sharia law precepts taken literally. And sharia law allows for first cousins to get married and to have children, hence it would be strange for a Pakistani scientific study to contradict the Quran. Among other things, contradicting the words of the prophet Muhammad is an offence punishable by death in islamic states, such is the case with Pakistan, hence the study was basically forced to reach a predetermined conclusion.

What’s strange is how a British newspaper is basically making excuses for sharia law in a secular state like Great Britain (where, by the way, first cousin marriages are legal since 1949). As the Daily Star claims quoting the Pakistani study, due to inter family marriage inside that small Pakistani community, the village inhabitants are lacking the APOC3 gene which makes them less likely to suffer from heart disease.

Hence, having sex with your first cousin is an awesome idea, right? Obviously, there are many other scientific studies made outside of the islamic republic of Pakistan that discovered people having children with their first cousins produce offspring with higher than expected death rates, double the risk of birth defects and major IQ loss.

However, according to the Daily Star staff, cheating heart disease is definitely worth the risk.

This is the kind of stuff that needs to be archived for posterity.

“See, son, this is what the left is all about. Never go full retard like them.”


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