Undercover Video Exposes Antifa’s Shocking and Premeditated Violence

antifa violence communist

If the American people required any more proof that Antifa and the left generally speaking are all about violence, here comes a new undercover video published by the conservative comedian Steve Crowder. And don’t worry, this is not a joke, but as real as it gets.

The video depicts Steve Crowder and his producer gloriously infiltrating a local Antifa cell (these guys from Antifa are playing by the communist guerrilla warfare tactics book, i.e. they’re highly decentralized as in lacking a central command and control center as they’re operating locally) then following them to a protest which is set to take place at the University of Utah.

The video footage is very raw and candid, as it offers a shocking image of Antifa’s inner workings, which can be described as nothing more than an approximately organized gang of leftist agitators and thugs fascinated by violence. Basically, Antifa is all about violence and not much else, as they have no ideology other than resisting and destroying the capitalist society they detest so much.

The video footage revolves around the leader of this relatively small Antifa cell, obviously a transgender woman (big points scored in the social justice warrior value ladder). The woman can be heard bragging to Steve Crowder and his producer that she’s carrying a handgun and also that reinforcements are expected to arrive later, armed with assault rifles (AK 47s).

The woman recommends the producer to buy a knife at a military surplus store nearby and strap it to his ankle. In the same video, one of the Antifa activists explains the difference between “them” and other SJW groups. The difference is that Antifa is ready to respond with violence to whatever they deem to be fascist or Naziesque or whatever.

Just watch the video and see for yourself, but the lesson to be taken home is this: Crowder and his producer tried to share this video with the police and the mainstream media, but they were told to get lost.