Unhinged: MSNBC ‘Experts’ Claim President Trump’s Dry Mouth is a Mental Impairment (VIDEO)

msnbc trump has dementia

Another day, another unhinged fake-news promoters slandering President Trump, so what else is new you may ask? Today’s news story is about a MNSBC so-called panel engaged in their daily routine on Morning Joe, a routine which consists of crazy accusations describing the POTUS as being demented, mentally unstable or, why not, literally Hitler. They’ve been doing it every day for months now, so why bother with subtleties?

So, President Trump is now having a mental impairment (he’s a nut-job on short) just because he slurred a few words prior to taking a sip of water, due to dry mouth syndrome. And what do you know, the proof was an older clip from 30 years ago, when a 40 year old Trump seemed to be more spry and better articulated than a 70 year old Trump. Imagine our shock. One of the so-called experts, Steve Schmidt respectively, explained the audience what’s wrong with Trump (basically he doesn’t know a thing and he admits it):

“I don’t know what the cause of it is,and it doesn’t get any better when you see clear impairments. I don’t know. Is that a tooth problem? Is that something else? … We don’t have updates on his health, we don’t know what’s going on.This is the man who commands America’s nuclear arsenal, and that video, that speech, that impairment is chilling,”

Joe Scarborough, who previously claimed that Trump suffers from dementia said:

“This is not the person that we knew even three years ago. … There’s a remarkable change,”

Daily Beast columnist Mike Barnicle chirped:

“When you consider his age, his physical condition, he does not look in great physical shape and hasn’t for some time. The anxiety, the worry, the burden of knowing that Bob Mueller and the special prosecutor is out there investigating nearly every aspect of his life and his family’s financial life and the fact that you know, he doesn’t really know the mechanics, the nuts and bolts of what he’s talking about a lot of times.”

If his mouth is dry and he takes a sip from a water bottle it comes under immediate scrutiny and news for 4 days. If he doesn’t drink water he has dementia. I think that the MSM is completely detached from reality and has early onset dementia. The way they have hateful delusions about Trump and start drooling while they are bashing him is creepy.

Want to see a real case of dementia? Watch any Pelosi speech or Maxine, for that matter. That’s dementia.

Here’s the video: