University Political-Correctness Enforcers Make an Average of $175,000 Per Year

diversity training

The so called diversity-officers, which is a fancy name for a useless-made-up job make approximately 175,000 dollars per year on average study finds. This is basically three times more than a real cop  makes, with the little difference that the latter has a real job, and provides a real service to the public while risking his/her life on a daily basis.

Political correctness commissars have everything to do with indoctrination, not with education and they’re one of the reasons why college tuition costs skyrocketed in recent years. Of course, student loans (aka the government getting involved in education leading to epic failure) are another reason, but let that go.

Getting back to our news story, the data was provided after a thorough analysis of the documents obtained by Campus Reform and it definitely seems that diversity (whatever that means) doesn’t suffer from a shortage of funds, not by a long shot. In their quest for achieving what has been described as “complete inclusiveness” on American universities campuses, the left wing nut jobs controlling our education system managed to pour a lot of money in diversity programs. By the way, the 175,000 dollars per year figure is also 300% bigger than the average US household income.

Campus Reform analyzed 50 of America’s most prominent universities, trying to determine how much money are spent on personnel tasked with implementing “diversity programs” and the data received so far speaks volumes (only 43 of the 50 schools provided the requested information).

While the average annual salary for a diversity enforcer stands at $175,000 per year, at 15 universities the respective job offers an income in excess of 200 grand a year, while in 2 “pathologically politically correct” schools the remuneration of a political correctness commissar tops $300,000 a year. This should be enough to make every deplorable’s head spin, isn’t it? To give you 2 quick examples,diversity officer Marcus Martin at the University of Virginia earns $349,000 a year, while his “colleague” at the  University of Texas at Austin takes home “just” $331,000 each and every year.

No political correctness commissar at the 43 universities surveyed so far makes less than $80,000 per year. To tell you a short personal anecdote, I’ve spent years in an academic environment and I can tell you that not only is this an absolute waste of money, but the people running the show KNOW it is a waste and will privately joke about taking the taxpayers to the cleaners.

“Vile” does not quite capture the situation.