US Attorney Preet Bharara Canned by President Trump After Refusing to Resign

US Attorney Preet Bharara was fired by President Donald Trump earlier on Saturday after refusing the order to submit his resignation from his position as Manhattan federal prosecutor.

Preet Bharara was a holdover from the Obama era, i.e. one of the 46 appointees by former president Barack Obama who were asked by the deputy attorney general to immediately submit their resignations on Friday, but he refused to resign on his own; however, the situation came to a close on Saturday at 2.29 PM as Preet Bharara twitted:



After The Donald said the famous words “You’re Fired” on Saturday, thus ending an extraordinary situation, i.e. a political appointee by a former president refusing a direct order to submit his resignation, Bharara explained that he was summoned by President Trump to Trump Tower back in November for a meeting during which he claims that he was asked to remain in his current position.

Preet Bharara was appointed by former president Barack Hussein Obama in 2009 as attorney general for the Southern District of New York, which includes Westchester, the Bronx, some counties north of New York Cities and of course Manhattan, which is The Donald’s turf (the Trump Tower is in Manhattan).

After Barack Obama was accused by The Donald last weekend of wiretapping the Trump Tower in Manhattan, a number of Congressmen promised to initiate an investigation to clear things out.

It’s a very peculiar situation to see how Preet Bharara, who was asked by Trump in November to stay, was now fired by the same president with no reason given whatsoever.

A number of questions arise obviously, such as why Trump asked Preet Bharara, a former aide to Chuck Schumer nota bene, to stay in the first place? Maybe the SDNY launched an investigation on Trump afterwards and now Preet Bharara is a victim in Trump’s war with the deep state/bureaucracy?

It’s also worth noticing that this is not the first time an attorney gets fired by the new President, as Jeff Sessions was in the same situation  back in 1993:





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