US Debt Reduced by $100 Billion In President Trump’s First 2 Months

During his first two months in office, President Trump saw a $100 billion reduction in US national debt, unlike his predecessor Barack Obama who increased debt by $400 billion in his first 60 days.

That makes for half a trillion dollar difference. When Donald Trump was inaugurated as US’ 45th president, the national debt stood at $19,947 billion. As per March 16th, from when we have the most recent data, the US national debt stands at $19,846 billion.

Simply put, President Trump cut the debt burden of the United States by more than one hundred billion dollars or 0.5% in the first 60 days since his official inauguration.

Under former president Barack Obama, the US Debt Burden after his first 2 months in office increased with 400 billion dollars, which made for a 3.9% hike in US Debt during the same time period. Also, he signed the famous one trillion (that’s 1000 billion) dollars Stimulus bill, which is now considered a failed “helicopter money” program and a colossal waste of US tax dollars.

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The failed Stimulus program was among the most important pieces of legislation signed during Barack Obama’s first year in office, which led to a deficit of $1.4 trillion dollars as per 2009.

Overall, during Barack Obama’s 2 terms as POTUS the US national debt basically doubled whilst record-high deficits YoY made history, together with the largest/fastest debt increase ever.

It must be noted that Barack Obama had to deal with a pretty messy situation, the 2008 financial crisis and all that. However, he left behind an even bigger mess and Donald Trump is now working at mitigating the situation.  Debt is down 100 billion, illegal border crossings are down 40%, the TPP is dead and buried, many companies are not only not moving to Mexico but they’re coming back, economic optimism is at all time highs, yet the President still hasn’t shown us his taxes!