US Drops Massive Bomb on ISIS Headquarters (VIDEO)


Dubbed the mother of all bombs, the most massive of all non nuclear weapons in the US armed forces paraphernalia was just deployed, for the first time in combat, over an ISIS headquarter in Afghanistan.

Do you remember the famous caves of Afghanistan in which Ossama Bin Laden was supposedly hiding in? Well, the MOAB (mother of all bombs) is now used for sterilizing (to use the military parlance) a network of caves in Afghanistan which are thought to be ISIS headquarters.

MOAB is a GPS guided GBU-43 bomb which is, hold on to your hats, 10 meters/30 feet long and weighs a humongous 21,600 pounds or approximately 10 metric tons.

After the mother of all bombs exploded 6 feet above ground over its designated target, it created a crater 1000 feet/300 meters wide and everything and anyone on that radius was basically pulverized.


In the worst case scenario, the MOAB just created a big hole in the ground, in the best case scenario we can hope that ISIS leaders were vaporized in the blast. Truth be told, the MOAB acronym stands for Massive Ordnance Air Burst and it is basically what’s better known as a thermobaric bomb.

The use of the ultimate non nuclear weapon on a designated ISIS target fulfills President Trump’s 17 months old campaign promise to bomb the shit out of them if he becomes POTUS, which he did (both).

The MOAB is a very accurate weapon that delivers massive damage and it was used for collapsing ISIS underground headquarters in Afghanistan, or at least that was the intention, signaling that the new White House administration is taking the fight against islamic terrorism very seriously.

The weapon was deployed at 7 PM local time by a MC-130 Hercules cargo-aircraft, the only one capable of carrying such a load. Practically, the MOAB was kicked out the back door of the airplane, literally, it is that huge.

This Gargantuan thermobaric bomb was designed for destroying heavily reinforced targets or to obliterate armor and ground forces across a large perimeter.

The Pentagon confirmed officially on Thursday that the MOAB was dropped for the first time ever in combat in the Afghanistan’s Nangarhar region, in the near vicinity of the Pakistan border, over a cave complex believed to be populated by ISIS operatives.