US Intelligence Agencies Say that Russia Helped Trump Win

US Intelligence Agencies Say that Russia Helped Trump Win

US Intelligence Agencies have said that it is highly likely that Russian hackers helped the president-elect, Donald Trump, win the recently concluded elections. Senior officials of the agencies have said that Russian hackers managed to steal documents from the computer systems of the Democratic Party and then leaked the documents to the public.

It is not clear how exactly the actions of the Russian hackers may have directly influenced the elections in favour of Trump. However, it is widely believed that the Russian hackers systematically and selectively leaked crucial Democratic documents to WikiLeaks in a bid to discredit Hillary Clinton who was, at one time, the frontrunner in the presidential race.

Questions have also been raised as to why the hackers did not bother to leak documents that they had stolen from the Republican Party’s computer systems.

However, the Republican Party had countered that none of its systems was hacked during the campaigns. And in light of the recent comments by the intelligence agencies, the team handling the transition process for Donald Trump has said that the new allegations are unfounded.

In a statement, the transition office has said that the elections were credible and that Russia did not play any part in influencing the outcome of the elections.

In a report presented to Obama, security agencies say that Russian-backed hackers managed to access files from the Republican National Congress and the Democratic National Congress. However, it is not known the number and nature of files that the hackers managed to steal from the computer systems of the two parties.

Detailed Report

Based on the preliminary report, the White House has ordered for a more comprehensive report on the hacks. Through a statement, the Obama administration has asked leading security agencies, led by the CIA and the NSA, to unravel the mystery surrounding the hacks and present their findings to the president within the shortest time possible.

The new report is likely to add more controversy to the issue. Already, the Trump transition team denied that it is possible that the Russians backed Donald Trump’s win.

Interestingly, Moscow expressed surprise when Trump was declared the winner. According to senior security officials, Moscow had expected to use the leaked emails of Hillary Clinton to undermine her legitimacy after she had been declared the winner.

It remains to be seen how the Obama administration will treat the contents of the forthcoming report once the report is ready.