US Military Presence Reported on the Syrian Border (VIDEO)

american troops syria

US Military forces were deployed along Turkey-Syria border just 3 days after twenty United States backed Kurdish fighters were killed by Turkish jet fighters. Also, in the same day, Turkish warplanes killed a number of Kurdish-Peshmerga soldiers in north-western Iraq, on Mount Sinjar.

Now we have video-footage posted by Syrian civilians which suggests an elevated US military presence on the same border where we’ve seen an escalation in clashes between the YPG/YPJ aka Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units and Turkish military in recent weeks.

The video depicts American military vehicles and gear traveling on Friday in northwest Syria through Darbasiyah, which is very close to the Turkish border, a place where YPG fighters and Turkish military clashed this week according to eyewitnesses.

The Turkish government acknowledged it had ordered air-strikes this week on  YPG/YPJ outposts throughout Syria. Also, Erdogan’s regime attacked PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party ) positions in Iraq.

The United States APCs and troops were reported by Syrian activists in the contested region, making for a  move which has the potential to drag the United States in the Syrian conflict.

The YPG is a close friend and ally of the United States against ISIS, yet Ankara regards YPG as a terrorist organization, due to its close ties to Kurdish rebels. The problem is that Turkey is a US ally and its actions against rebel factions fighting ISIS have the potential to destabilize the United States led war against the Islamic State.

The US deploying troops on the Turkish-Syrian bored serves as a deterrent/warning against Turkey further attacking Kurdish forces, acting like a buffer force between Turkish military and Kurds on all front lines. Also, the US is sending a warning to Turkey and a message of reassurance for the Kurds.

Back in March, approximately two hundred USMC soldiers rolled into northern Syria, and considering the new US troops deployed on Friday on the Turkish border, we can assume that Washington is slowly getting immersed into the quagmire which is the Syrian civil war that rages for 5 years now with no clear winner in sight.