US Moves 2500 Tanks, Trucks and Military Vehicles into Europe

Ready for War with Russia?


More than 2 years later after Crimea held a referendum to join Russia, a political event regarded in the mainstream media as “Russian aggression” i.e. an illegal annexation, the US Army is moving 2500 military vehicles (including tanks) and 3500 troops into Europe.

The new troops and the heavily armored military vehicles are supposed to be a response of sorts to “Russian aggression” in the region.

The thousands of tanks and trucks have just arrived in Germany together with a military brigade of 3500 soldiers, which is the biggest deployed by the United States on the Old Continent since the end of the Cold War.

The largest US military brigade in recent history was spotted in northern Germany in Bremerhaven on Saturday as the United States are trying to reassure their European NATO allies that they still mean business and the Russian aggression will be deterred in the near future, or something along these lines.


The more than 2500 heavy military vehicles which arrived in Germany are constituting the US Army’s third Armored Brigade Combat Team. Additional American military personnel will be deployed in Bulgaria, Romania and across the Baltic states in the near future.

The United States administration promised an increased military presence in (especially Eastern) Europe after the 2014-Ukraine- Russia-Crimea incident and with the newly deployed troops and heavy combat gear, the US is demonstrating once again that they can still project power overseas, talk the talk and walk the walk so to speak.

US Army units are in Europe since War World 2 but their numbers had dropped massively in the last year of Obama’s administration, as many soldiers rotated back to the States and were not replaced.

The newly arrived heavily armored vehicles and the US troops are part of Operation Atlantic Resolve and they will carry out combat exercises with other NATO forces from Europe.


Source: BBC, Daily Mail