US Navy Strike Force Moving Towards NKorea

A United States carrier group just departed Singapore and it is now moving towards the Korean peninsula, according to an official talking to Reuters on Saturday.

This move signals the new Washington DC administration’s tough stance on rogue states and also Donald Trump’s (and the whole world by that matter) concerns about the crazy fat kid’s (that’s the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un in McCain’s own words) advancing nuclear/ballistic missile program.

Just 1 day after the National Security Council presented President Trump with 3 distinct options about what type of action can be taken against North Korea, a US Navy strike group was dispatched and is now heading to the Korean peninsula. According to an NBC report, the United States may bring nukes in South Korea as a deterrent measure against the nuclear armed Pyongyang regime, or even assassinate Little Kim. Finally, the CIA could try to infiltrate North Korea in an attempt to sabotage and take out critical infrastructure.

Regardless of any of those 3 (unrealistic) scenarios, the US carrier group nicknamed Carl Vinson is currently sailing from Singapore towards North Korea. The strike force includes and aircraft carrier and it is very probable that, if SHTF and China’s diplomacy fails (I seriously doubt that), what we’ll be dealing with will be a preemptive attack on North Korea’s missile silos and/or military/nuclear infrastructure, just like it was the case with “Desert Storm” back in the nineties.

Considering North Korea’s worrisome behavior, the presence of the Carl Vinson strike group in the Korean peninsula is basically a tough response to the Pyongyang’s provocations which included an ICBM test.

During President Trump’s meeting with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, the former pressed Xi to do more with regard to curbing NKorea’s nuclear program, i.e. to engage in economic/military measures but also to use sanctions. Trump said earlier that if China is not going to take care of the North Korea problem, we will, end quote. With Syria put on a tight leash, North Korea is now on the table.

Photo: Reuters