US One Step Away From Clash With Russia

US President Donald Trump and Russia’s strongman Vladimir Putin were urged to hold emergency talks last night as the tensions in the Middle East are growing and they threaten to explode into all out war.

Vladimir Putin has already sent a Russian warship toward the two United States destroyers located off Syria’s coast, a move which is part of his response regarding President Trump’s attack on a Syrian military airfield.

After the US President fired 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles yesterday on a military airfield from which it was claimed that Bashar al Assad launched a chemical attack on civilians(there was no formal investigation to speak of and Assad denies any involvement), Putin deployed a missile ship, Admiral Grigorovich respectively, to the Russian Tartus naval based located in Syria.

Also, there’s a British nuke sub patrolling the Mediterranean sea waters while NATO forces were put on high alert status throughout the region.

According to many, the whole Middle East is teetering on the brink, while world leaders announced their support for President Trump’s actions in Syria (UK’s Prime Minister Theresa May and Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel among others).

The Russian Prime Minister  Dimitry Medvedev, the guy who takes turns at Russia’s presidency with Vladimir Putin for quite a while now slammed the US missile strike on Syria, describing it as illegal/against international law and an unprovoked attack on a sovereign state, which actually is the case.

Dimitry Medvedev also warned The Donald as being one step away from military clashes with Russia. The POTUS insisted that the Assad regime is guilty of heinous acts against its own people and it must be punished. The Tuesday chemical attack claimed 86 civilian lives in the Syrian city Khan Sheikhoun, including 20 women and 36 children.

The EU president Donald Tusk also announced his support for President Trump’s raid as he tweeted:

“US strikes show needed resolve against barbaric chemical attacks.

“EU will work with the US to end brutality in Syria.”

The US allies in the Middle East include Saudi Arabia and UAE, while Turkey’s wannabe dictator Erdogan described the missile attack on Syria as a positive step. In his view, let me quote:

“We find it a positive and concrete step taken against the war crimes of the Assad regime. Is it enough? I don’t find it enough.

“It is time to take serious steps for the protection of innocent Syrian people.”

However, the White House announced that the raid was a one-off kind of a deal, just intended to discourage the Assad regime from further use of chemical weapons, and it doesn’t represent an escalation of the US role in Syria. However, Trump’s swift action is a clear warning to Russia, China and North Korea. There’s a new sheriff in town.