US Ready to Launch Preemptive War Against North Korea

mcmaster preemptive war

According to national security adviser McMaster, the United States is now ready and willing to launch a “preemptive” (oh the irony) war against North Korea. The so-called preemptive war which according to international law is a war of aggression by any metrics is aimed at countering the “growing threat” from the Pyongyang regime.

McMaster  said that the US is preparing for “all options” with regard to the North Korea situation during a Saturday interview for MSNBC. Obviously, the martial comments on McMaster’s part arrive in the aftermath of the crazy fat kid’s latest (more or less failed) ICBM tests and also following President Trump’s warning, as he said (the POTUS) he will not tolerate a potentially nuclear-armed North Korea which is capable of reaching US mainland with its intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Earlier this week, on Tuesday respectively, Sen. Linsdey Graham also claimed that President Trump told him a war with Pyongyang would be unavoidable provided North Korea keeps pushing with its ICBM program and develops technical capabilities of striking the United States with its missiles. Senator Linsdsey Graham said that the new White House administration is ready to launch a preemptive strike/war of sorts to prevent a possible attack on the United States from the rogue communist regime. He actually has said about people claiming there’s no viable military option against North Korea:

 “They’re wrong.  There is a military option to destroy North Korea’s program and North Korea itself.”

Also last week, South Korean press reported about the country’s military preparing for a so-called surgical strike scenario which may be employed for destroying North Korea’s command and missile/nuclear facilities provided South Korea’s president Moon gives the order.

McMasters’s interview-the full transcript –is available here and here’s the video for your viewing pleasure. One may wonder how can you prevent a war by launching a preemptive war? Sounds pretty Orwellian to me and also let’s remember preventive war was Hitler’s invention. McMaster has learned from the best, isn’t it?