US Secretary of State: ‘Iran’s Provocative Actions Threaten the United States’


It was all fun and games until now boys and girls, but not 100 days into Donald Trump’s presidency it’s all becoming increasingly clear: we’re heading toward interesting times, especially if you’re owning stock in the military industrial complex.

I mean, judging from the post-election rhetoric of both Donald Trump and his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, the US is heading toward yet another war, you’ll just have to mix and match which one would be the best for your money: Iran, Syria, Russia, North Korea, basically any other state you put your finger on is a threat, except maybe for Saudi Arabia.

But then again, we’ve not yet finished with President Trump’s first 100 days into office and he already did change his mind on a plethora of things, i.e. not even Saudi Arabia can be declared safe.The thing is, Mr. Rex Tillerson, Exxon Mobil’s CEO just did a presser and judging from his words, assuming that he’s speaking seriously, your ANTIFA mad fighting skills with regard to fighting/punching Nazis (whatever that means) will be soon put to the test, especially if the draft will be reinstated.
Trump’s Secretary of State announced the new White House administration’s so called comprehensive review on Iran (spoiler alert: they’re very evil), followed by a lot of bellicose rhetoric, in good neocon tradition.

“The Trump administration is currently conducting across the entire government a review of our Iran policy … an unchecked Iran has the potential to follow the same path as North Korea and take the world along with it. The United States is keen to avoid a second piece of evidence that strategic patience is a failed approach.”

dixit Exxon Mobil’s man dubbed T.Rex though I doubt he ever served his company in a war (pun intended), as this guy is the first US Sec of State without military (nor government by that matter but that’s not important) experience. However, speaking of conflicts of interest..but let that one go.

Exxon Tillerson’s speech was filled with hilarious anecdotal evidence about those evil dudes from Iran, including a photo with a bomb showing the inscription “Death to Israel” on it, proving how evil Iran really is. Also, this type of hate speech is unacceptable for the US hence we must go to war with Iran or something along these lines, right?

Remember how it wasn’t our job to police the world? That was The Donald prior to becoming POTUS and draining the swamp. Well, it was nice while it lasted.

Photo AFP/Getty Images