US State Department ​Will ​Pay ​Hungarian Media Outlets to Promote Mass Immigration in Hungary

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Yes, you got that right: President Trump’s State Department is using US taxpayer dollars, 700,000 of them, to fund Hungarian media outlets in order to encourage/promote mass immigration in their country. If you’re not Mr. Current Events, Hungary is currently ruled by a conservative-right wing government and the Prime Minister Victor Orban is trying to push back against European Union’s suicidal open-borders policy which allows mass unvetted migration from Africa and the Middle East.

Victor Orban is also a staunch enemy of billionaire left winger George Soros, who finances a lot of pro-immigration groups, politicians and organizations through his Open Society foundation. And the shocking thing is that now the US State Department announced it will pour a bunch of money into Hungarian media, thus angering Hungary’s conservative and anti globalist government for no logical reason.  U.S. Chargé d‘Affaires David Kostelancik, announced the “great news” via social media. This guy is known for  openly criticising President Trump’s administration by making innuendo at America’s apparent inconsistencies with regard to foreign policy, while adding that “not every criticism of the government is ‘fake news’.”

The US State Department backed David Kostelancik’s claims by saying that Hungary’s Prime Minister Victor Orban and his conservative government benefit from too much sympathy from Hungarian news outlets, hence the US must step in with taxpayers money and bolster opposition (as in anti-government) media, because, you know, it’s very normal for the US government to collude with other country’s internal policy (remember those darn’ ruskies buying Facebook ads?). The hypocrisy is outstanding.

The Hungarian government blasted the US State Department for its blatant interference in their country’s internal affairs:

“What is this if not an intervention in the election campaign and the domestic politics of Hungary? Which Washington office can judge the applications of media organisations from a Hungarian county and what kind of balanced service they would like to offer?”

Yet again, it’s not collusion when the left does it. So typical. It’s only when Russia ALLEGEDLY interferes (with no evidence) that anybody cares, or makes a big deal about it, or wants to stop it.

We sit helplessly as laws are selectively enforced against us to stifle our wishes and undermine our political will. All over the world. Even the people we elect let it happen.

This is a complete misappropriation of taxpayer funds. This is the kind of stuff that will sink Trump. Like he has all these rogue agencies blatantly defying him and he apparently has no interest in stopping them or whipping them into shape. Why continue to support a castrated, ineffectual leader that refuses to crack down on this insurrection by his own underlings? This is the kind of stuff that jeopardises 2018 for the GOP.

Even if Hungarian media is too slanted in one direction, since when is that the business of the State Department? I say the US media is too slanted in favour of Hillary, Democrats and far-left beliefs – are you going to give more money to FOX NEWS or Breitbart in the interest of balance?

Would it be okay if a foreign government (like Russia) gave them money, like say $700,000? No? That would be collusion, right? So it only ever goes one way in favor of the left? EVERY SINGLE TIME?

Hungary has a pro-Hungarian Donald Trump so we spend $700,000 opposing him? We should be campaigning FOR him.