USA Today Claims People Are Putting CHAINSAWS On AR-15s [VIDEO]

usa today AR 15 chainsaw bayonet

USA Today was mocked on social media on Wednesday after posting a video implying that AR-15 owners are “upgrading” their “killing machines” with chainsaw bayonets. Yes, you got that right, the video-editor was probably hyped on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and forgot on what planet he/she was.

The video is aimed at explaining USA Today readers, all three of them I hope, how the Ruger AR 15 rifle used by the Texas mass shooter Devin Patrick Kelley to murder 27 people at a Baptist Church in rural Texas can be “improved” to become even more “murderous”, or something along these lines. The video also depicts how an under-barrel 12 gauge shotgun can be attached to an AR 15.

This is not the first time when mainstream media pundits are showing their utter ignorance on guns. Yet, when everything you know about firearms comes from a video game, you end up making stupid videos like this. To tell you the truth, I have an A-10 attached to mine for extra firepower. It’s a little heavy, but worth it. Also, I put a condom on my rifle for safe shooting.

Joke aside, that’s “mainstream journalism” as practiced by “credentialed professionals.”

A look at the gun used in the Texas church shooting.

— USA TODAY (@USATODAY) November 8, 2017