USA Warns North Korea That The Clock Has Run Out, Kim Jong-un Fires Another Missile

An unnamed top US official talking to reporters under the condition of anonymity has said about North Korea just days before the Chinese President’s visit with Donald Trump that, let me quote:

The clock has now run out, and all options are on the table for us

That sounds like Rex Tillerson, who said something along these lines very recently while visiting Japan, not 2 weeks ago.

The problem with North Korea in the new US administration’s view is is that despite decades long diplomatic efforts to convince the Pyongyang regime to ditch its (military)nuclear and missile programs, they seem to have failed miserably.

Now, it looks like military action is on the table, at least theoretically.  However, North Korea is not Iraq nor Libya, i.e. this would make for a world premiere when the US/NATO attacks a nuclear power, a highly implausible scenario by any metrics (read megatons).

Just to refresh your memory, the crazy despotic regime in North Korea could transform South Korea’s Seoul capital (population 9,7 million) into ashes and concrete dust just by using conventional artillery (they have like 13,000+ pieces), due to Seoul’s (one of the world’s most densely-populated cities) proximity to North Korea, never mind nuclear weapons.

For anybody with a little background in military tactics, everything is just saber rattling and posturing in an attempt to put the leash on that crazy fat kid Kim Jong-un.

President Trump will host his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping later this week at his Floridian Mar-a-Lago private club, which would make for their first tete a tete meeting and obviously, the fate of North Korea is going to be “on the menu”.

Let’s hope that Mr. Xi likes golf and has a sense of humor, as his protege Kim Jong-un just managed to choose the worst possible moment for launching (in obvious defiance) yet another ballistic missile on Wednesday, from NKorea’s east coast into the sea, according to South Korea’s military.

The UN Security Council strictly bans any type of launching using ballistic missile technology, but North Korea, despite being part of the UN since 1991 doesn’t seem to care much about the rules.