Very Fake News: CNN Admits President Trump’s “Shithole” Remarks Were Twisted by Reporters

haiti is a shithole

CNN’s Jake Tapper went on to Twitter on Friday and released a series of explanations/excuses or whatever about their fake news story regarding President Trump’s alleged comments on Haiti. Just to remind you, left wing mainstream media went bonkers on Thursday after an anonymous source told Jeff Bezos’ blog also known as the Washington Post that President Trump responded to the gang of 6 immigration “deal” with vulgar language, i.e. that he referred to Haiti and African countries as third world shitholes.

Trump denied on Friday via Twitter that he called Haiti a third world shithole, accusing fake news CNN and WaPo of pedaling, well, fake news, as usual.

Jake Tapper twitted on Friday that reporters “twisted” the POTUS’ words. Imagine my shock.

Funny, isn’t it, that it has to be “clarified” after being reported as fact? So who else heard him say this?

So, CNN basically admits that their so-called reporters lied just about Haiti, but then we have to believe them (WaPo included) they were telling the truth in the first place. By CNN’s own admission, their so called source conflated and fabricated statements then attributed them to President Trump, but it’s understandable somehow in the leftist’s twisted world. If you ask me, the whole “shithole” scandal was fabricated to distract people’s attention from the huge Twitter scandal. For further clarifications, read this: EXPOSED: Twitter Engineers Planning To Censor Republicans In Undercover Video.

I honestly wouldn’t care if he had called Haiti a shithole. This has nothing to do with anything, except they brought the immigration proposal to him, he clearly didn’t like it, so Durbin had no reason to trash Trump on his way out the door. And you know that he can say whatever he wants because the media will always look at anything Trump says in the worst possible light, immediately make it racial and then yell and cry bloody murder. Literally. CNN then brings on the one brave Trump supporter they can find and then they all jump on him, threaten him and finally kick him out. It’s ridiculous.