Very Fake News CNN Deletes, Retracts Story Linking Trump and Russia

cnn fake news

To use the President’s immortal words, the very fake news network also known as CNN (Clinton News Network) published a quintessential yellow-journalism hit piece on Thursday, a so-called explosive report based on what else than anonymous sources and fake news. The story depicted a claimed investigation regarding several associates of Donald Trump’s being tied with a Russian investment fund.

And guess what happened: in a matter of 24 hours, by Friday night respectively, CNN removed the story from its website and all the links on social media were deleted. An editor’s note was posted instead of the “story” which reads:

“That story did not meet CNN’s editorial standards and has been retracted.Links to the story have been disabled.”

cnn fake news

Funniest thing in that so called retraction is that CNN thinks that CNN has “editorial standards.”

The fake news story was concocted by a former Pulitzer Prize finalist (while working for USA Today in 2012) and currently a CNN investigative reporter,  Thomas Frank respectively. The claim was that the Senate Intelligence Committee was looking into a Russian investment fund (Russian Direct Investment Fund/RDIF) whose CE (Kirill Dmitriev) had close encounters of the third kind with Anthony Scaramucci, a member of President Trump’s transition team prior to the POTUS’s inauguration. The original story also claimed a Senate investigation regarding Dmitriev’s discussions with White House adviser Jared Kushner.

CNN’s hit piece alleged that the RDIF was overseen by Vnesheconombank, a Russian state owned/state run bank that is currently facing US sanctions. The so called investigative reporter claimed that the conversation that took place during the meeting between Trump’s surrogate and Kirill Dmitriev may have included the sensitive issue of economic sanctions being lifted (with zero proof, obviously).

However, the RDIF is not part of Vnesheconombank. This is a glimpse inside of the fake-news-media modus operandi. They run a fake news story based on anonymous sources and later on, after millions of people have seen it/read it, they retract/delete it (best case scenario). You can enjoy CNN’s fake news story  here, as the internet never forgets. 

That is how they (the left) are taught to operate. It’s right out of Saul Alinsky’s Rule for Radicals. A book every Republican “strategist” should read. Know your enemy people, don’t stand around looking surprised all the time. One of the purposes of this tactic is to get the target of the lie so involved in defending themselves against the lie that they don’t have the time to do the serious work and their message gets buried. Sounds familiar? It is a distraction off message and a way to influence the gullible and stupid.