Village Magazine Front Cover: “Why Not” Assassinate Donald Trump

Ireland’s Village Magazine sparked furor with its latest February issue, as the front cover of the so called political and cultural magazine depicts President Donald Trump’s head as seen through an assassin’s crosshairs, with the question “Why Not?” posted on the bottom.

This is the tolerant liberal-leftist media for you folks, the same people who are incessantly accusing Donald Trump and his supporters for being Nazis, while promoting riots and violence aimed against conservative political rallies, the latest example being Friday night’s Berkeley event where Milo was prevented from delivering his speech by a mob of rioters destroying property and beating up people.

It looks like Ireland’s media is walking into the footsteps of Germany’s Der Spiegel, a magazine which promoted Lady Liberty beheading images on its front cover whilst calling President Trump’s inauguration address a declaration of war. It’s very funny to see how Der Spiegel, a magazine which at one time employed Nazi SS officers, is now describing Trump as a would-be dictator.


However, there’s a little bit of irony to the Village’s utter stupidity, as the Irish magazine concluded their Donald Trump character assassination piece with the phrase:

“killing people is wrong… and shooting Trump is unnecessary and disproportionate.”

The outrageous image on the front cover of the magazine was twitted using the caption: Why taking #Trump out would be unethical.”

The Village Magazine believes that President Donald Trump is a threat to the world and then explores the moral issues of assassinating the president just in case, something like a preemptive strike of sorts.

They went into saying moronic things like:

Trump’s impulses are not democratic. If he pushes towards curtailing freedoms and minority rights it may legitimate for Christians to think about removing him. A tyrant by oppression is one who has come to power legitimately, but rules unjustly, oppressively, and arbitrarily.

picturing President Trump as a would be dictator and a tyrant, signaling their virtues whilst offering zero arguments for their claims, in good leftist tradition.

It is very interesting how the left constantly depicts Donald Trump and the conservatives as Nazis and tyrants while advocating and practicing violence against them. As Churchill famously said, the Fascists of the future will call themselves Anti Fascists.

Source: Mediaite