Violence ​from​ the Left​ Has Become Mainstream (VIDEO)

judge jeanine violence from the left

Today I have two very interesting videos to share with you. Both are from Judge Jeanine’s show on Fox News, but the second depicts her interviewing Ann Coulter on the rise of violence on the left. As per Judge Jeanine’s own words, it is now dangerous (as in physically dangerous, i.e. you can get beat up, spit on etc. if you’re walking on the streets wearing a MAGA hat for example) to be a Trump supporter, because the propaganda spewed by the left normalized and justified violence against “Nazis”.

And in leftists’ world view, everyone who disagrees with their ideas and opposes them is now a certified Nazi.  And you know, punching Nazis is cool and morally unobjectionable. Make no mistake, the goal of these people, whether they’re journalists working for various left-wing corporate mainstream media outlets or just “useful idiot” SJW’s living in their parents’ basements is to normalize hate against conservatives/right wingers (who by the way, if not Nazis, they’re described as “far right” or “alt right” whatever that means) and to promote violence on those who don’t want a violent communist revolution to take place in America.

If you check the “literature”, the end goal of all these Soros-funded leftist organizations,whether we talk about Black Lives Matter, Antifa or other garden-variety anarchist group, is national chaos and Marxist revolution (they are saying it loud and clear while they fly communist flags, just check out Antifa’s websites), which will end up in martial law and maybe civil war if they’re allowed to do what they want. And the problem is that the “philosophy of violence” pedaled by the left is now basically a mainstream idea. Even a number of Republicans have acquiesced to left’s world-view and they’re now condoning violence against conservatives. Check out the videos, they’re awesome.