Violence at Anti Immigrant Rally in Berlin (VIDEO)

Berlin anti immigration march

German police was forced to intervene and detain a number of protesters during an anti immigrant rally in Berlin, Germany on Saturday. The anti immigrant rally gathered approximately 1000 people, who were soon confronted with an anti-demonstration lead by the usual suspects (read ANTIFA).

The anti immigrant rally was basically peaceful march on the streets of Berlin, organized by the Identitarian movement, which is wrongly described by German mainstream media as a right wing group, a movement which demands protection for the European (as in German) culture, identity and lifestyle. Considering the Identitarian movement’s platform, they are basically nationalist conservatives, not “right wingers”, as they’re opposed to pro-open borders globalists, i.e. Identitarians are people who believe in borders,language and culture as the fundamental things that define a nation.

Moving along with the news, the ~1000 Identitarian activists were gathered peacefully in a very tranquil area on Berlin on Saturday afternoon, preparing for a march protesting the perceived Islamization of Germany.

The self proclaimed anti-jihadists movement was shouted at by bystanders who gave them the proverbial bird (upraised middle fingers). The counter-protesters were confronted by German police in full riot gear, who forcefully dragged them away.



The Identitarian movement’s inception was in 2002 in France, but it soon moved to Germany, gaining more traction and becoming mainstream following PEGIDA’s successful anti Islamization rallies and AfD (Alternative for Germany)’s success in the 2016 election. The Identitarians emphasize their mission to be a struggle for defending Germany and Europe’s cultural identity against the onslaught brought by the so-called diversity of forced multiculturalism via mass immigration and open borders and having absolutely nothing to do with Nazism or any other extremist ideology.