Wal-Mart Replaces Over 4000 Workers with Robots

wal-mart automation

We are already living in Huxley’s brave new world (more or less), as we’re constantly propagandized that this is the wave of the future and all that high-tech palaver, and to further confirm the bleak future described in the science-fiction novels of the sixties and seventies i.e. a dystopic era when we’ll be ruled by dictators via all sorts of sophisticated robots, Wal-Mart announced it will replace over 4000 employees with machines. Robots, that is.

Now, if you’re a socialist and a Bernie supporter frothing about that mystical $15/hour government imposed minimal wage, well, the news that even Wal-Mart is starting ditching humans and opting for non binary/non cis gender robots should send shivers down your spine.

Joking aside, as the story in the Wall Street Journal goes, Wal-Mart is working at replacing a number of its non customer facing employees with machines. Say, book keepers will be soon a thing of the past, at least at Wal-Mart, as robots are already capable of doing a better job with regard to counting and storing money. And this is just the beginning, mind you.

Wal-Mart already axed thousands of jobs all across the US by using Cash360 machines. You can find one of those in almost any of the Wal-Mart’s 4700 US stores. The Cash360 robot is capable of counting 3000 coins per minute and 8 bills per second. Also, it deposits the money at the bank digitally instead of requiring an armored car to arrive and all that, earning interest and speeding things up.

However, as shopping is moving online, automation may be brick-and-mortar retailers only hope for survival. Basically, using robots instead of real-people is not motivated by the desire to squeeze every last cent of profit from a business,as bleeding heart liberals seem to believe. The thing is, retail profits are shrinking and hourly wages are rising (artificially, by government fiat), hence brick-and-mortar retailers are faced with a simple option: to use robots or to close business.