War Looming as Saudi Arabia Gives Qatar 24 Hour Ultimatum

natural gas wars

Analysts are warning about a possible military confrontation in the immediate aftermath of a naval blockade imposed earlier today, a blockade following Qatar’s diplomatic crisis with its neighbors (most notably Saudi Arabia), which left the tiny Gulf nation practically isolated on land, air and sea, with almost all ties to its neighbors severed.

Qatar’s main export is LNG (liquefied gas) and after the naval blockade on Tuesday, the country is basically locked out, with its maritime trade crippled, not to mention the political isolation. Now, Saudi Arabia has given Qatar a twenty four hours ultimatum, which starts tonight. Qatar must fulfill ten conditions, as in ten commandments, which have been conveyed to Kuwait, who plays the role of the mediator in the conflict between Qatar and the Saudis.




One of the most pressing demands is that Qatar must immediately end all ties with Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.




It’s not very clear what will happen if Qatar fails to comply, but judging from both Egypt and Saudi Arabia’s very aggressive stances, as they accused Qatar of supporting terrorist groups and taking an antagonist approach towards Cairo, well, this escalation may very well end up in a military confrontation. However, the official narrative about Qatar funding terrorism is basically a smokescreen. In reality, all the hubbub has to do with Qatar’s regional dominance with regard to its natural gas reserves.

The Syrian so called civil war is actually fought over resources, i.e. competing gas pipelines, with Qatar looking to build its own pipeline through Syria, a move that would connect Europe to its immense natural gas supplies, thus putting Russia’s quasi monopoly in the EU via Gazprom in mortal danger. That’s why the Russians support Assad’s regime.

After understanding that the Russians will never allow for the pipeline to be built across Syrian territory, Qatar shifted towards a policy more friendly to Russia, trying to gain political and financial independence from its neighbors, as Qatar was practically a vassal of Saudi Arabia until recently. Despite having a large American base on its territory, Qatar’s pivot toward Russia added to fears that the tiny country may become an active supporter of the axis of evil, i.e. Iran-Russia-Syria.

After Trump’s visit in the Middle East/Saudi Arabia when he called for Iran to be isolated, Qatar disagreed publicly, thus offering the countries in the region and especially Saudi Arabia the perfect reason to try clipping its wings.