Washington Post Links American ‘neo-Nazis’ with Russia

The never ending wave of anti-Russian propaganda in leading U.S. mainstream media is taking a new, though not a surprising turn.

In an article published on Tuesday, Washington Post went to great lengths to link America’s ‘neo-Nazis’ and Russia, as their source of inspiration.

According to the author, American white supremacists don’t look up to Nazi Germany, but Putin’s Russia.

But for these American white supremacists, it’s not Nazi Germany to which they look.

It’s Russia.

The author went on the emphasize the kind of a spiritual connection between the U.S. alt-right movement and Putin’s Russia.

For Richard Spencer, a founding member of the alt-right’s rogues’ gallery — and someone married to the translator of Alexander Dugin, Russia’s illiberal polemicist extraordinaire — the Kremlin stands as the “most powerful white power in the world.” For Matthew Heimbach, who has said he would like to see the United States fracture on ethnic lines, Vladimir Putin has transformed into the “leader of the free world.”

Even more, the article claims (without any effort to provide evidence or even a source) that Russia is related with ‘with neo-fascist contingents across Europe’.

Casually disregarding the fact that the U.S., under Obama administration, backed the illegal overthrow of the democratically elected President of Ukraine, with high ranking U.S. officials taking pictures with Ukrainian far-right leaders, many of whom gave anti-Semitic statements and openly supported (and celebrated) Ukrainian Nazi collaborators during World War Two.

From there, the article states that:

None of this, of course, is to say that the recent carnage in Charlottesville is directly attributable to Moscow…

While itself an unremarkable piece of anti-Russian propaganda, the article further expands on the issue of Russian interference in U.S. election by linking Russia with various right, far right, alt-right and other groups in the U.S.

To conclude with the most outrageous part of the article:

After all, the purpose of the Kremlin’s campaign of interference in the recent presidential election wasn’t solely to stack the White House with friendly faces…

It was, instead, a campaign predicated on turning the United States against itself. Of cultivating, encouraging and goading groups that would create internal disruption and prevent the United States from promoting a liberal, international order.

Instead of offering a genuine arguments and evidence to back up the claims of the Kremlin trying to ‘stack’ the White House with friendly faces, the author makes another dubious assertion by claiming that Russia is aiming to prevent the spreading of a liberal international order.

In this regard, it would be worth noting that the the same part of the U.S. establishment accusing Russia of aiding groups which cause ‘internal disruption’, has been the foremost advocate of regime change, color revolutions and illegal overthrow of governments that refuse to submit to their view of the world.

And while their efforts to create chaos and destabilize large parts of the world have been well-documented, they failed to back up their claims of a Russian conspiracy to bring down the ‘liberal’ U.S. order.

And this is why the pieces of this sort should be viewed as a empty rhetoric at best.


Photo: Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post/Getty Images)