Welcome to California: Stockton to Offer Universal Basic Income

Welcome to Commifornia: Stockton to Offer Universal Basic Income

Speaking of leftism gone berserk, this time is Stockton time. This agricultural Californian city is going to become the first one in the United States to offer low income residents free money, no questions asked. And if you’re a Bernie Sanders supporter, you should learn that there’s no such thing as free money. The government doesn’t have any. The UBI (universal basic income) is going to take taxpayers money and give it to low income residents, $500 a month, no strings attached, no questions asked. Why, you may ask?

Well, because that’s what big government does for you: it redistributes wealth, as per Marx’s own words, i.e. it takes money via taxation (basically theft) from those who are productive and gives it to those who prefer to live on welfare. Incidentally, those who prefer to live on welfare always vote for the left (DEMs), which gives them other people’s money for free. Hence, open borders, unrestricted immigration and so forth and so on (the vast majority of those people who enter the US illegally from South America et al are big government aficionados, leftists and all that, that’s why DEMs love them).

Getting back to our news story, Stockton’s mayor Michael Tubb describes his city, which by the way went bankrupt in 2012 (Stockton is ruled by Democrats for decades, just like Commiefornia is, or the killing fields of Detroit, Baltimore et al), to be the ground zero for economical issue such as rising housing prices, wage stagnation and an endemic loss of middle class jobs that affects all the US after the left embraced globalism and trade-deals like NAFTA and GATT, which off-shored the economy/good jobs to third world countries. Now, the mayor hopes that giving free money to people will demonstrate the potential of UBI, and it will also encourage other cities to do so, i.e. from bankruptcy onward to universal basic income. The downward spiral of liberalism on display.

So, this will be in addition to all the taxpayer-funded programs already in place? That’s not “universal basic income,” it’s a $6K per year raise.

If you ask me, that’s an awesome idea. The average rent in Stockton is $1500 a month. Silicon Valley loves this idea. Get rid of jobs that have to pay money for some “basic” income that will never cover actual costs and bank the rest. There is a reason why Facebook and Google love this idea and it’s not because it’s good for the “workers”.

After all, just look at what happened to medical costs when the government got involved with “free” money. Look at what happened to cost of college when “cheap” student loans were made available from the government. Look at the price of housing when Democrats insisted everyone and anyone should be able to get a loan for $700,000 with no income verification…

Shall I go on?

This experiment has been tried in the USSR, Cuba, Venezuela, Vietnam, China and other socialist/communist countries. It was an absolute failure every time.

The quickest way to destroy a population is to give them just enough money to do nothing. Over time they will weaken. Almost enough to live, just need to sell some meth to make ends meet. It is the bait for the trap that poor people take. Poor people have short lives preying upon each other, going nowhere. This is liberalism being used for genocide and to wipe out the working middle class that pays for it.