Welfare Jihad: Manchester Suicide Bomber Collected Thousands of Pounds from British Taxpayers

manchester bombing

If you are not familiarized with the notion of Welfare Jihad, well, today’s article will try to enlighten you. Do you remember last week’s Islamic terrorist attack purported by a UK born (from Libyan refugees) 23 year old Muslim, an attack that left behind 22 casualties and scores horrifically injured, many of them being children?

Well, Salman Abedi, our guy with a love for ISIS was described by his sister as committing the Manchester Arena bombing out of love for Islam. But that’s not surprising at all now, is it? What may cook your noodle further is the notion that Salman Abedi managed to become a successful jihadist with a little help from the UK taxpayers.

Do you remember how this guy was reported to have been visiting Libya, his parents’ home country for a number of times in the past? Well, these escapades don’t come cheap and Salman Abedi had no job we know of. So, how did he manage to pay for those trips? Keep in mind that during his trips in ISIS territory, aka Libya after the ousting of Qaddafi, Salman learned how to build bombs and to blow stuff up as he definitely visited ISIS training camps.

According to the British newspaper The Telegraph, Abedi received a number of “student loans”, which were later used to pay for his trips to Libya’s terror camps. His overseas bomb-making training sessions were paid by more than 14,000 British pounds, which is roughly $18,000 in real money. The figure was made public after UK police started an investigation into Salman Abedi’s finances and a former detective said that it’s a common scheme for UK jihadists to enroll on university courses in order for them to collect student loans, with zero intention of turning up obviously.

After beginning a business administration degree in October 2015 at Salford University, Salman Abedi was given “at least” 7,000 GBP and a further 7,000 in the 2016 academic year, though by then he’d already dropped out of the respective course.

This is welfare jihad, and that’s pretty much what the Tsarnaev brothers (the Boston Marathon bombers) did, i.e. they received welfare benefits and student aid. Boston Marathon bombers were living high on the hog with Massachusetts welfare benefits (housing, EBT, free college, etc.) and even traveled back to Chechnya (which they had “fled” for fear of “persecution”), and learned bomb-making. Russia warned the FBI about them but their warnings were ignored.

The West is basically funding their own enemies.