We’re Right in the Middle of a New Cold War Between U.S. and Russia, German Foreign Minister Says

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said on Friday that Germany is ‘right in the middle’ of a new cold war between United States and Russia.

Gabriel criticized German Chancellor Angela Merkel for falling in line with Donald Trump’s policy of rearmament. In an interview with German newspaper Bild, Gabriel expressed his concern that was caught between East and West who believed “not in the strength of right, but the right of the strong.”

“We are in a Cold War 2.0,” he said. “Right in the middle. We face a new phase of nuclear armament in East and West,” he said.

Referring to U.S. President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, Gabriel said they viewed that relations between nations and people was “all about struggle.”

“They don’t stress … the strength of right, but the right of the strong,” he added.

After he took office in January, Trump repeatedly criticized Germany for not contributing enough to NATO, and its military spending. U.S President said that many European allies spend less than 2 percent of their GDP on defense.

Merkel vowed to increase military spending up to 70 billion euros a year, but Gabriel described it as a ‘major mistake’.

Federal election in Germany will be held on September 24, with polls showing Merkel’s Christian Democrats with a double-digit lead ahead of Martin Schulz’s Social Democrats (SPD).

Germany was one of European countries which expressed strong concern over latest U.S. sanctions against Russia, fearing the measures could hurt European and German firms cooperating with Russia in the energy sector.

Source: Reuters

Image: iStock, Getty