What Happened? Hillary’s Book Price Slashed 40% by Walmart, Amazon Prior to Official Release

what happened price slashed 40%

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s memoir-book What Happened is yet to be officially released, but Walmart and Amazon already slashed its price by a whopping 40%. Sad! “What Happened” will “hit the shelves” on Tuesday, but the prices have already dropped dramatically from $30 apiece to $17,99, which makes for a hefty 40% price-cut.

what happened slahed 40%

Even if the book is not yet available, we already know about most of its content, courtesy of Hillary herself and also the myriad of details reported in the alternative media, thanks to leaked copies of the book. According to “sources familiar with the matter”, Hillary’s memoir book is nothing more than a series of excuses trying to rationalize her 2016 loss. Obviously, Hillary fails to blame her poor political performance and instead demonizes anything and everything, making for the world’s worst loser in history.

Social media exulted at the news:



Who knows, maybe those pesky Russians already hacked Amazon and slashed Hillary’s book price. However, on a more serious note,when you blame everyone in America for your loss except yourself ,don’t expect those you blamed (the deplorables) to buy your book.

Moreover, according to what we know so far, Hillary’s 450 pages book trying to excuse her failed presidential campaign completely and conveniently omits one of the 2016 election’s biggest issues: the Donna Brazil scandal, aka the rigging of the Democratic party’s primaries in favor of Hillary Clinton via the leaking of debate questions by the former to the latter before 2 different debates.

The DNC officials rigging the primaries in favor of Hillary Clinton came out courtesy of WikiLeaks, as stolen emails from John Podesta (Hillary’s campaign manager) were published back in October 2016. However, Hillary claims that most of Podesta’s emails were “boring” :

“In the end, though, most of John’s emails were . . . boring. They revealed the nuts and bolts of a campaign at work, with staffers debating policies, editing speeches, and kibitzing about the daily ups and downs of the election.”

Truth be told,  there’s nothing wrong with the help Hillary received from Brazil and other media personalities. After all is said and done, she had to overcome the sexist misogynist tendencies of hyper masculine Bernie Sanders and his followers. Poor Hillary has been beaten down by men but she has persisted. Let’s all pull for Hillary to run again in 2020. A better candidate for the DEM’s can’t be found.