What Started the Charlottesville “Unite the Right” Violence?

unite the right

To make a long story short: #UniteTheRight had a lawful permit for the rally.Their 1st and 9th amendment rights were violated.

This is what happened: The #UniteTheRight rally was planned months in advance, proper permits were sought and granted, and everything was going according to plan. Then, a few days before the rally, the city of Charlottesville rescinded the permit; their argument was based upon the “Hecklers Veto,” as they claimed that it would place “undo pressure” on the police; this is a clear violation of the 1st amendment.

So, the organizers went to a federal court and won; a federal judge ordered that the rally must go on and the rally-goers Constitutional rights were protected.

Then, the corrupt Charlottesville  mayor and the police department ordered the rally an “unlawful assembly,” and threatened to arrest everybody. Then, ANTIFA showed up, together with Black Lives Matter activists, including Princeton professor Cornel West. Basically, a big number of counter-protesters gathered to stir violence, as usual.

The  #UniteTheRight rally was initially aimed at protesting the removal of a Confederate statue, but after ANTIFA/leftist activist showed up, violence ensued and things degenerated quickly.

Charlottesville, Berkeley, San Jose, Chicago… all places where police were ordered to stand down and violence erupted. What’s the common denominator here?

Once again, 1st and 9th amendment rights were blatantly violated.

The thing is, we have black history MONTH. We have Hispanic history MONTH. We have parades for transvestites, gays and whomever. But then white people (for whatever reason) want to have a parade, and the (leftist) government and minorities go nuts!

And speaking of “Counter protesters”, these people are  Antifa and Black Lives Matter, which  are both domestic terrorist groups by any definition, and people  that have lots of blood on their hands. They have been shutting down lawful protests across the country, to the cheers of leftists.