Whistlebolower: FBI ‘Secret Society’ Held Off-Site Meetings

Whistlebolower FBI Secret Society Held Off-Site Meetings

According to a Fox News report, an informant for the FBI told the US Congress that a so-called “secret society” within the FBI was holding secret meetings “off-site” following the 2016 election, i.e. after Donald Trump became POTUS. This bombshell intel was aired on Tuesday evening on  Special Report with Bret Baier, when Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) described the “secret society” story to be “corruption of the highest levels of the FBI.” Senator Johnson has said:

“That secret society — we have an informant that’s talking about a group that were holding secret meetings off-site. There is so much smoke here.”


This report basically confirms what we’ve already learned from the exchange of text messages between the now famous FBI counter-intel agent Peter Strzok  and his mistress,  senior FBI lawyer Lisa Page:



.@SenRonJohnson on alleged ‘secret society’ mentioned in @FBI agents’ texts: “That ‘secret society’ – we have an informant that’s talking about a group, they were holding secret meetings offsite.” #SpecialReporthttps://t.co/0NPVFhqWiYpic.twitter.com/NaXelnfaJP

— Fox News (@FoxNews) January 23, 2018


So, first we learned about the FISA abuse memo, then the FBI claimed they’ve conviniently lost 5 months of text messages between Strzok and Page, and now there’s talk about an occult group within the FBI , plotting against a duly elected President of the United States.


If the GOP in Congress had any spine, it would immediately cut all funds to the FBI, lay off the entire crew, call in a special counsel to redeem the good ones and prosecute the criminals.

Remember: National Intelligence Director James Clapper on 15 December 2016 signed off on rules allowing NSA raw intercepted personal data to be shared across all government agencies. How convenient the “missing texts” to/from Strzok and Page are also from that date onward.