White House Now English Only Website

All Spanish Content Nixed

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Back in the day,before multiculturalism and political correctness were the unwritten law of the land, the United States was an English speaking country described as a melting pot of sorts, i.e. a realm inhabited by American citizens by choice and consent, all following the American dream and swearing to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States.

And today, the new White House website nixed all Spanish language content, becoming English only, thus eliminating all the “residue” from the Obama era. Just to refresh your memory, Barack Obama’s administration was the first in history to include Spanish content on White House’s official website.

Considering that English is the de facto  official language in America, Donald Trump made a strong point during his campaign asking Latino (as in Spanish speaking) immigrants to learn English and to assimilate if they really want to become American citizens.

Basically, Donald Trump is not going to be El Presidente according to what happened today with WH’s website. However, Sean Spicer hinted that Spanish content may reappear at a later date, but he did not offer details.

During a 2015 September debate, Donald Trump mocked Jeb Bush for speaking Spanish during his campaign and he said:


‘We have a country where to assimilate, you have to speak English,’

‘We have to have assimilation to have a country. We have to have assimilation. … This is a country where we speak English, not Spanish.’


According to U.S. English’s chairman and CEO, English should become the official (as in de jure) language in the United States. U.S. English’s Mauro Mujica argued that there are over three hundred languages spoken in America and Spanish shouldn’t be given any special treatment.

‘Maybe if they’re going to do it in Spanish, they should also use all 323 languages spoken in the United States, right? Why just one and not the other 322?’


Source: Daily Mail