WHO Warns Europe HIV Epidemic Growing at Alarming Rate

Europe HIV epidemic

According to World Health Organization officials on Tuesday, the number of people in Europe newly diagnosed with HIV reached its highest level last year (2016) since records begun, which shows EU’s epidemic growing, let me quote, “at an alarming pace”.  The World Health Organization’s European region consists of 53 countries and 160,000 people contracted HIV in 2016, as per a joint report presented by WHO and ECDC (European Center for Disease Prevention and Control).

Allegedly, almost eighty percent of those new cases were in Eastern Europe. Zsuzsanna Jakab, who is the WHO’s European regional director said in an official statement:

“This is the highest number of cases recorded in one year. If this trend persists, we will not be able to achieve the … target of ending the HIV epidemic by 2030,”

It is estimated that there are 37 million people in the world who carry the HIV virus, which causes AIDS. The vast majority of these people are in Africa’s poorest regions, where prevention and treatment, not to mention access to testing is very limited. The new report found that the rate of newly diagnosed HIV infections soared by 52%, from a previous 12% in 2007 to 18,2% in 2016.

Okay, let’s see here. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that when one allows persons from other countries with high HIV infection rates into their country, their HIV rate rises.

Frau ‘Mutti’ Merkel and other European political elites tell the common folk that Europe is too white and needs an injection of brown and black people from the Middle East and Africa to make Europe stronger with diversity and multiculturalism. They open the borders and let millions of these people into Europe, with no background checks or health examinations. Now Europe has an HIV epidemic in addition to other goodies, like no-go zones and terrorist attacks. Am I the only one making the connection?

Common sense would say to vet refugees coming into the EU for communicable diseases like HIV. But no, that would be politically incorrect. Better to spread the virus throughout Europe than take proper precautions. Africans in particular have no problem screwing anyone and anything. So what do they expect?

It is well known throughout history that invasions bring with them a whole host of physical, health, mental and emotional problems. This is the price to be paid for forced diversity in a culture of forced conformity. Contradictions will always bring with them a cognitive dissonance that will take generations to reconcile.