Why Are Democratic Donors Buzzing About Kamala Harris?

kamala harris

The first question is: who is Kamala Harris? Well, she’s a black-female prosecutor turned California AG and very recently a US Senator. Furthermore, according to the “donor class”, she’s a new Barack Obama, sans male privilege that is. And the donors are really buzzing about the prospects of her running for president in 2020. 

Some DEM donors are absolutely sure she’s going to run,as in “you can take it to the bank” sure. And strangely enough, after 8 years of failed Barry policies, they see the 52 year old woman as a fresh face and an antidote to Donald Trump seeking a second term.

Yet, who is she?

Kamala’s stealth ascension to power can be regarded as direct evidence of Obama’s takeover of the DNC from the Clintons. Kamala was hyped as a potential nomination to the AG job after Holder walked. Obama is her “daddy”  and I am very sure that these DEM donors now going ga-ga over Kamala are Obama backers.

But who is Kamala Harris? Is she a role model for girls and women?

It is well known and she admits that when she was 29 as a recent law school graduate had an affair with CA political kingmaker 60 year old (married at the time) Willie Brown, who is one of her biggest supporters. Usually women that bed down powerful/rich men want something, and I am sure Kamala is no different. She apparently did it the old way, on her back.

Willie paid her off with our taxpayer money, getting her appointed to a part time job that paid over $90,000 a year when $90,000 a year bought a lot of nice stuff.

DEMs will say that is ancient history and that Willie was separated from his wife at the time.. it must have been true love .. la de dah etc etc.

Ok, let’s see who is Kamala on the issues that matter, morality be damned.

She will tell you she was the CA AG .. “top law enforcement officer in CA” as a qualification. But other than she held that job and was hand picked by Willie and others to do it, she was not really a law enforcement official.

She presided over the largest release of criminals in CA history. A plague of criminals are now on the streets and the crime rate is rising in triple digits in some CA cities. That is, both crimes against property and violent crimes. The CA criminal justice system is no more than a catch and release operation.

She supports the reduction of criminal penalties and many former felonies are now misdemeanors. The misdemeanor perps are kicked out of jail in less than 24 hours. So drug addicts whose crimes were felonies, now have no interest in accepting rehab, and still addicted are kicked out on the streets where they steal and rob to support their drug habits.

She opposes the death penalty on all grounds. She supported a failed effort by DEMs in CA to do away with the death penalty by proposition, and opposed a proposition to speed up the death penalty in CA. When District Attorney of San Francisco she refused to charge illegal alien gang member Phil Ramos for the Bologna family murders that were a direct result of SF sanctuary policy. ( it was just like the Jamiel Shaw murder but in that case the LACO DA got the death penalty for Pedro Espinosa illegal alien gang member sanctuary city policy murderer) Kamala refused to charge the death penalty as SF DA and as AG.

Directly from her AG website, her agenda as AG was Climate change, gay marriage, immigrant rights, reduction of criminal penalties, death penalty repeal, prison over crowding. etc etc .. it was not until you got way down the list you found Drug Cartel violence and human trafficking. Those were #7 on the list.

The support of ga-ga donors is suspicious given that she has virtually no track record, which is the actual reason Obama never nominated her for AG, as no one would support her based on her very thin resume. But then for President a thin resume might be useful.

Her Bio is  also interesting, as it tells how her mother, a professor, would take young Kamala to 1960s protests in Berkeley. Her father was a  UC Berkeley economist. Her mother was a Tamil Indian. Her mother was a doctor and eventually left her father behind and took a job in a Quebec Canada med school to teach.

There she as a single mother raised young Kamala, who attended school in dual language Quebec, one of the most liberal places in North America. It is interesting that we would now have another Presidential candidate that was raised in a liberal stew pot with substantial foreign influences and training that shaped their ideology. She is the female ying to Obama’s yang.

She has been anointed the same way as Obama was, not for her brilliant job as California attorney general (she wasn’t brilliant, nor focused on crime) but because she was an activist attorney general who weaponized that bureaucracy to go gunning for rich people — in the grand old leftist tradition. Very old and very stinky tactics. The majority of Americans were long ago conditioned to love every destructive thing she does. It’s all laid out for her and now all she has to do is mouth the same slimy words Obama did.