Why Did Trump Attack Syria?

Yesterday’s  high tech attack with Tomahawk rockets on a basically empty Syrian military airfield made a lot of people very happy, whilst it aggravated some of Donald Trump’s peacenik supporters.

Let’s begin with the happy crowd: the “free world” praised The Donald as their leader and God Emperor, the likes of UK’s Theresa May, Saudi Arabia, Turkey’s Erdogan, Germany’s Angela Merkel and even ISIS, they all bowed to America’s military strength and determination to resolve the Syrian conflict. US DEMs were also cheer-leading Trump’s attack on Syria, together with most of the mainstream media.

On the other hand, Russia, Iran, LePen, Farage, Rand Paul and a number of alternative media/conservatives (Michael Savage, Stefan Molyneux, PJ Watson etc) accused The Donald of going full neocon on them and breaking his campaign promises, the part with “no foreign entanglements” mostly. Candidate Trump was a fierce critic of US involvement in Iraq and Syria, yet President Trump seems to have been executed an 180, playing the neocon line about “we are the World’s police force” and all that war-hawk palaver.

So, why did Donald Trump bomb Syria after all? Well, to begin with, our theory is that Trump’s move was aimed at rallying the American people, the politicians (even DEMs like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are congratulating him, not to mention McCain) and the mainstream media on his side during a  very troubling phase into his young presidency, as he saw his approval rate collapsing and so on and so forth. In this regard, the strike on Syria served him well.

The timing of the attack is very telling, i.e. it happened right as China’s President was visiting with him at Mar-A-Lago. Trump made Xi to wait for him for an hour and according to my sources, China was not warned in advance about the attack (as it was Russia and others). Basically, Trump played the surprise/intimidation/strong man card  with China, which was warned to take care of that cheese/atomic bombs loving crazy fat kid from North Korea or else. And I think the Chinese got the message.

Another thing to contemplate is that the left lost the propaganda war once again, and I am talking about the “Russia controls Trump” narrative. After yesterday’s event, no one  will seriously believe the “Trump is Putin’s puppet” story, as the ruskies were pretty much infuriated by the bombing.

Assad received a slap on the wrist, and nothing more, the damage and the casualties were minimal. If we were talking about regime change, The Donald would have been attacking government facilities in Damascus without prior warning, not an airfield in the middle of nowhere.

Our theory is that Assad/the Russians knew that rebels (terrorists by any definition) were stockpiling chemical weapons (there have been countless chemical attacks in Syria over the years,many of them blamed on the rebels i.e. ISIS/Al Nusra/etc) yet they’ve bombed them anyway, hence the American strike. Our view is that there will be no regime change for now and the US involvement in the region will be kept as it is, at present levels, regardless the bellicose rhetoric from US’ UN ambassador.

Donald Trump is now more “believable” than ever on the international scene as the leader of the free world and he also humiliated Obama’s “red line” in a big way. Where Obama failed to do anything but to perform lip service and cool speeches, the Donald moved in decisively and proved he’s a man of action, Russia be damned.

In the next step, we should expect for safe zones to be created inside Syria with the US/NATO/ involvement. Also, ISIS will slowly but surely go into the history’s trash bin and the EU migrant crisis will end finally, with the refugees being sent home and all that.

Let’s wait and see.