Why President Trump’s Media Strategy Is Failing

Here’s how to Fix It

donald trump media strategy

To begin with an obvious truth which seems to be not so evident to President Trump’s so called media strategists, let me enunciate an axiom: the basket of deplorables (those who voted for The Donald in Hillary Clinton’s immortal words), which is roughly half of the US population doesn’t read the liberal (as in leftist) mainstream media, also known as fake news or Democrat lapdog media.

Basically, Trump supporters do not care about the made up scandals and fake news stories pedaled by the Washington Post, the New York Times, CNN et al on an almost daily basis. They don’t watch it, they don’t read it, they couldn’t care less about fake news media and that’s why Trump won the election in the first place.

Trump’s strategists and advisers should write this down 100 times, maybe the truth will finally get through their thick skulls: if your fan-base doesn’t care about the fake news media, why are you wasting all of your time and energy responding to fake news stories and made up scandals? Trump and Clinton supporters do not live in the same reality, nor in the same world, but in parallel universes. That’s why Trump is losing the media game.

Trump supporters get their news from Twitter, talk radio (Savage, Kuhner, Limbaugh,Alex Jones etc)YouTube, Fox News and Drudge Report (in no particular order).

Yet, Trump’s media team is obsessed with combating MSM’s narrative, thus playing defense and trying to mitigate fake news stories that the vast majority of President Trump’s supporters don’t care about and most probably will never read. Or, if they read, they don’t believe anyway.

White House daily press briefings are accomplishing nothing for the POTUS and moreover, they allow the corporate left wing media to set the agenda, thus they should be scrapped altogether. If all you do is to respond to made up stories aimed against you and your agenda, you’ll never get anything done. Trump’s media strategy should be focused on creating its own content, on setting the President’s agenda, that agenda that he was put into office for. Trump’s vision for America should set the news cycle, it’s time to start playing to win!

Photo Reuters/Dominick Reuter