Why Susan Rice Should be Indicted

Susan Rice who is former president Barack Obama’s NSA (national security adviser) is currently in the middle of a huge political scandal which seems to be bigger than Watergate. Let’s call it Obamagate for now.

According to numerous reports, Susan Rice was in charge of a surveillance job directed at Donald Trump and his staff members, a spying/covert op which lasted for almost a year, starting from January of 2016.

Susan Rice ordered various intelligence agencies to provide her with detailed spreadsheets with regard to Donald Trump and his associates intercepted communications.

Susan Rice requested on numerous occasions for essential Donald Trump associates names to be “unmasked”, i.e. their identities revealed in the respective intelligence reports (spreadsheets). Afterwards, the documents showcasing US citizens private identities were widely disseminated across the intel community, with the obvious aim of making sure they were leaked to “selected partners” in the left wing MSM (WaPo and NYT mostly).

The deep state media collaborators who were publishing illegal leaks were hiding behind First Amendment rights in their quest for de-legitimizing/undermining/embarrassing Trump’s young presidency.

The Obama regime was actually monitoring private convos between Trump and his associates which were totally legal and having nothing to do with foreign intelligence/Russia/Putin etc, but with campaign strategy, personal decisions, policy matters and things of that nature.

Susan Rice turned the deep state apparatus into a weapon to be used against DEMs political oponents, with the NSA, FBI, CIA and the DoJ being players in a spying op against a major presidential candidate.

Rand Paul is 100% on target: Susan Rice should be subpoenaed to testify under oath in front of Congress and asked three basic questions: Why did she asked for the unmasking of Donald Trump staff names? Did she then leaked the classified intel to the MSM? Did Obama authorized/had anything to do with this “wiretapping” operation? Obviously, she’ll plead the fifth and all Hell will break loose.

The intelligence reports containing the names disseminated at Susan Rice’s request were circulated among top Obama administration officials,the likes of her deputy Ben Rhodes, former CIA chief John Brennan, former DNI boss James Clapper, former AG Loretta Lynch,  and so on and so forth.

Ideally, all of these people should be subpoenaed to testify under oath in front of Congress and forced to spill their beans. Susan Rice is the first piece to fall in this Domino game and once she falls, the whole edifice based on criminal and lawless behavior  will collapse.

And obviously, Barack Obama owns this mess.



Photo USA Today