Wikileaks Assange: ‘When You Read a Newspaper Article, You Are Reading Weaponized Text’

Julian Assange is the founder of Wikileaks and during a recent interview, he discussed the hot-topic of fake news, mainstream media and how Wikileaks data driven approach prevented fake news from being used as “weaponized text” by the MSM.

According to a CNET report, Julian Assange gave an interview via Skype and he discussed with Chas Licciardello, an Australian comedian this week. Wikileaks founder emphasized his refusal to editorialize the leaked content as he prefers to deliver only raw data to the public, thus publishing pure facts without bias.

What’s very special about Wikileaks is their pure data approach and that’s particularly important in the context of fake news. Julian Assange stressed during the interview that:


“What is special about WikiLeaks is that it’s not just another damn story, it’s not just another damn journalist putting their damn byline, advertising themselves and their position on another damn story.

You’re not reading pre-weaponised knowledge. When you read a newspaper article, you are reading weaponised text that is designed to affect a person just like you… I think that is the real beauty of WikiLeaks… it is that sea of information, that treasure, that intellectual treasure, that rebel library of Alexandria you can go into.”

In a surprising statement, Assange said that he was happy to see the mainstream media pushing their fake-news narrative, as Wikileaks boasts a 100% correct record with regard to verifiable information:

“When the narrative of fake news came out and was then taken off effectively by the neo-liberal press and pushed around… I could see exactly where that was going. I was rather happy about it,”

WikiLeaks is very happy that there is a narrative about fake news out there because we have a perfect record of having never got it wrong in terms of authentications.”

The real value in WikiLeaks is it is a wonderful library that you can trust… But the library has to be marketed. And so the scandal-generation business, which we’re also in — I view that as a kind of marketing effort for what is much more substantial, which is our archive.

We try and maximize the value of the information to readers. So that’s publishing it at the moment when they most want to read it, when they most want to know what it contains. And that’s definitely before an election rather than after election.”


Assange was asked to give his opinion about Democrats contesting the accuracy of his leaked emails concerning  Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta. Members of the Democratic party and their mainstream media mouthpieces criticized Wikileaks, claiming that their “leaks” were not accurate. Assange said:

And of course we could mathematically prove that they were liars. And it’s not every day that you can mathematically prove that your critics are full of it.

The thing is, everyone pushes a belief, a worldview, an ideology, a direction, for it is our nature to promote what we believe.

The left happens to have such a monopoly on it via national newspapers, Hollywood, the alphabet networks, and cable news channels, that they can parrot their own false narratives with little or no facts to back it up.

Plus, they feign impartial in order to deceive, whereas most radio hosts on the right and online news sites admit their bias. If we depended upon just fact, we would starve, for very little real news and information is given to the public.

How big of a story is it that the Clintons sold access to the government and even 15-20% of American uranium to Russia, with huge rewards in speaking fees and or their family syndicate the Clinton Foundation.

Instead, the MSM misdirects us to believe that Trump is partners with Putin and cheated in the election.

Once one realizes how great the leftist monopoly is in shaping the culture, from academia to the movie industry, to corporate control and the music industry, it makes sense that the MSM caters to them. We are the silent majority indeed.

Source: CNET