WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange: The Democratic Party is Doomed

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According to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, one of the “culprits” blamed on Hillary losing the 2016 election cycle, the Democratic party is doomed. If you’re familiar with the expression “great minds think the same”, well, Michael Moore, a rabid leftist and well known never-Trumper/documentary maker/globalist extraordinaire shares the exact same view: the DEMs have no vision, no message, no future.

Getting back to our news story, Julian Assange gave the “doomed” assessment with regard to the Democratic party’s future via a series of tweets.



To make a not-so-long story relatively short, WikiLeaks founder asserts that DEMs basically cut all their ties with middle/flyover America a long time ago due to their identity politics obsession, which prevented them from crafting a cohesive political agenda comprehensible to the average taxpayer. And yes, that’s what we are saying here at on an almost daily basis.

Instead of a solid political message and a comprehensive legislative agenda (bread and butter economics, jobs, personal freedom and so forth and so on), the identity politics strategy, which is nothing but a short term tactic trying to scalp votes from various minorities proved to be a complete and utter failure, as America’s male majorities and generally speaking whites felt as an unserviced/unrepresented political identity group (by the DEMs that is).

Instead of fixing their out of touch political agenda following the 2016 election cycle failure, the Democratic party chose to obsess over the Trump-Russia collusion narrative, which according to many including Assange is a political dead end.

Moreover, Julian Assange suggests mainstream Democrats to start over with a new party, as their political elite betrayed them and they’re incapable of reforming themselves. If you are curious about the fine details, here is the  full explanation from WikiLeaks founder.