WikiLeaks Offers $100,000 for the Trump-Comey Tapes

James Comey

The world-known non profit organization which specializes in publishing secret information, classified media and news leaks offered a $100,000 ransom earlier on Friday for the alleged Trump-Comey tapes. Currently, the corporate mainstream media is obsessing on President Trump firing former FBI director James Comey and WikiLeaks’ announcement will definitely take the media hysteria one step farther.

According to a a very recent tweet, President Trump warned James Comey about possible recordings (he actually said “tapes” like it’s 1985 all over again) of their conversations.



President Trump canned FBI Director James Comey earlier this week. Considering that James Comey has received a lot of flak from both Republicans and Democrats alike, including Hillary Clinton who recently blamed James Comey for her losing the election, Trump’s move was not unexpected nor shocking. Many REPs and DEMs had been asking for James Comey’s resignation or demise (read firing) for quite some time now, including the quintessential never-Trumper Chuck Schumer. WikiLeaks went on to Twitter today and poured some gasoline to the mainstream media drama:



The thing is, the MSM is completely misrepresenting President Trump’s tweet. It’s freaking hilarious, I mean they’re so stupid. In reality, the POTUS was referring to the FBI’s (and other alphabet soup agencies)  vast surveillance network that might have recorded those conversations. Basically, James Comey might have compromised himself. Also, I am pretty sure that Comey was very deep into the swamp water and it will be pretty interesting to observe all of the truth starting coming out in the following days and weeks. And that would explain some of the MSM hysteria, i.e. why are the pundits acting so insane about the FBI director getting fired.