Will President Trump Nominate Another Supreme Judge?

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The Supreme Court of the United States will soon enter its final work week prior to the summer vacation and during its last “operational” days, it will have to take a decision regarding President Trump’s administration travel ban, together with action expected on a separation of state and church case that comes from Missouri. However, even we’re all expecting to see the travel-ban re-enacted courtesy of Judge Gorsuch and President Trump’s agenda rolling as per his campaign promises, the SCOTUS last public session on Monday is rumored to see Justice Anthony Kennedy announcing his  “early” retirement.

Which means President Trump will have the opportunity to put into place the second conservative/Constitutionalist justice in the Supreme Court of the United States.To begin with, Justice Anthony Kennedy did not announce his departure from the SCOTUS officially, at least until now, but there are signs and rumors suggesting that 2017 will be the year when conservatives will take firm control of the SCOTUS. The thing is, Justice Anthony Kennedy turns 81 in July and he served in the Supreme Court for almost three decades. According to rumors arriving from his “inner circle”, i.e. former law clerks, he is contemplating retirement pretty soon, as soon as 2017.

The first mention of a possible Justice Anthony Kennedy retirement hit the internet on June 16th:



Followed by this one:


Currently, both the AP and CNN  are reporting Justice Kennedy’s possible retirement announcement this term. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens next week.

It’s also worth mentioning Justice Ruthless Ginsburg, a hard core liberal, also in her 80’s with a serious heart condition; she talked about retirement at the end of Obama’s second term, approximately 1 year ago. Probably, she’s the next to announce her retirement following Justice Kennedy, meaning that the Supreme Court would have a conservative majority for decades unless a replacement or Roberts pulls a David Souter and goes full fledged liberal.

Until that day, let’s consider these facts: The Supreme Court is important indeed. But what’s even more important that can be done NOW, is the Federal appeals/ circuit courts. If Trump wants to make a mark on this country for the next decade – quarter century, then he needs to start filling up those vacancies.