Will the Netherlands Ditch the Eurozone?

After UK voting to leave the European Union and France’s Marine Le Pen promising a referendum about the same issue if elected President, the country’s MPs are now analyzing the possibility for Holland ditching the Euro, i.e. leaving the Eurozone (not the European Union).

Holland’s politicians are so  concerned about the Euro that they’ve ordered a report on the future of the currency and they’ll debate a possible Nexit (Holland-The Netherlands) once the report’s findings are published.

Holland’s relationship with the Euro currency will be debated by its Parliament due to recent concerns about the European Union’s Central Bank’s very low interest rates monetary policy which is negatively affecting Dutch savers.

The debate about the future of the Euro currency in the Netherlands and how can the country pull back safely from the Euro-ghetto is set to take place right after the March elections, which are expected to bring fundamental changes in the Parliament’s structure.

Currently, according to various polls, the majority of Dutch voters seem to be inclined to stick with the Euro currency, yet Geert Wilders’ eurosceptic party is expected to win big in Holland’s next election cycle.

However, the chances for Wilders’ party to form a strong coalition with Geert heading up the government are relatively slim, though the “scientific” polls proved to be hugely inaccurate lately, so your guess is as good as theirs.

The probe calling for a serious investigation about Holland’s future with the Euro was put into motion by the opposition Christian Democrats Party’s Pieter Omtzigt and it will examine the options for Holland to withdraw from the Euro and, if so, how. Pieter Omtzigt said:

‘The problems with the euro have not been solved. This is a way for us to look at ways forward with no taboos.’


Source: Reuters