Woman Rams Car Into White House Security Barrier.Developing…

Woman Rams Car Into White House Security Barrier

According to the US Secret Service, a car drove by a woman rammed into a security fence outside of the White House on Friday afternoon. Following the incident, the White House was put on lock-down (standard procedure). The barrier struck by the car was at the corner of 17th Street NW and E Street NW, as per Secret Service’s official account:

No shots were fired and no law enforcement officers were injured during the incident.


As per a Fox News report, the female driver was previously known by the Secret Service, as she is suffering from mental issues. The attack is not believed to be aimed at President Trump directly. The vehicle used in the attack is a white minivan featuring an American flag on the trunk, with the back windshield shattered, most probably as a consequence of Secret Service agents’ intervention. This is not the first nor the last incident of its kind, as in recent years, multiple fence jumpers and various individuals trying to enter the White House grounds unlawfully were reported, including during Barack Obama’s administration.

The left’s answer to this attack should be: ban assault cars, right? Or, why not: fully automatic transmission vehicles should not be in civilian hands.Or: ban female drivers!

CNN: the assailant had  an increased capacity, after-market gas tank, with bump-stock bumper guards and a GPS target acquisition system. We need better back ground checks and longer wait periods for people buying cars!

MSNBC: We need to put 5 gallon tanks standard!!! It’s for the children and national security. Does one really need more than three speeds?

Joke aside, this story is developing, check back for updates.